OLG Gives Back

OLG Gives Back

Ever wonder where the money goes?

This year, OLG generated $3.3 billion* in economic activity in Ontario.

contribution to the province $2.0 billion


  • $1.8 billion – Operation of hospitals and other provincial priorities
  • $115.0 million – Gaming proceeds distributed through the Ontario Trillium Foundation to local and provincial charities
  • $39.0 million – Research, prevention and mitigation of problem gambling***
  • $10.0 million – Support for amateur athletes through the Quest for Gold program
support for local economies $1.3 billion


  • $873.3 million – Payroll for more than 16,000 direct and indirect employees**** across the province
  • $240.7 million – Commissions paid to lottery retailers
  • $132.5 million – Payments to municipalities that host OLG gaming facilities, including Resort Casinos and Charitable Gaming Centres
  • $36.7 million – Goods and services purchased from local Ontario businesses to support OLG activities*****
corporate responsibility $29.0 million


  • $13.4 million – What OLG directs to its Responsible Gambling Resource Centres, policy and program development, staff training and self-exclusion capital costs. Together, OLG and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care spent $52.4 million on responsible gambling in Ontario
  • $13.3 million – Charitable Gaming proceeds distributed to participating local charities
  • $2.3 million – Sponsorship of community festivals and events

In addition, OLG awarded more than $1.9 billion* in lottery prizes to players.

*based on the period April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014

**Net Profit to the Province is the amount the Corporation returns to the Province of Ontario after stakeholder and other payments.

***based on government policy that directs 2% of forecasted OLG slot revenue to problem gambling funding

****Direct employees are those employed directly by OLG. Indirect employees are those employed by OLG's Resort Casinos and the Great Blue Heron Slot Machine Facility.

*****excludes Resort Casinos