Need help taking control of your gambling habits?

Join the OLG Self-Exclusion program. It's available to every adult, regardless of who you are or what your history with gambling is like.

What is Self-Exclusion?

  • It's a self-help program that we offer to individuals who want to control or stop their gambling.
  • It's something you may want to consider if your gambling habits are affecting your life in a negative way.
  • It's a commitment to stay away from all gaming sites in Ontario (i.e., slots sites, casino sites, and resort casino sites) and/or OLG's Internet gaming site (i.e., PlayOLG), as selected by you.

Is Self-Exclusion right for me?

It depends. If you feel that gambling is causing problems in your life, then you should consider it. Since the program is voluntary, no one can force you to join. Only you can make that decision.

Some people find it useful to combine Self-Exclusion with support tools like gambling treatment programs, financial counselling and relationship counselling.

How do I register?

If you wish to register for gaming, you can contact the nearest site and arrange to meet with staff either at the site, or at a treatment provider off-site in your community.

If you wish to register for internet gaming, and you have an account, you can register online. Registering this way is for internet gaming only and does not prevent you from visiting land-based gaming sites.

If you don't have an account, or want to self-exclude from gaming sites as well as internet gaming, you can register for gaming Self-Exclusion at your nearest site or with a treatment provider in your community.

How long does Self-Exclusion last?

You have the option of choosing one of three terms:

  • Six months
  • One year
  • Indefinite (for as long as you need, until you decide that you're ready to play again)

How does OLG support me through Self-Exclusion?

OLG supports an individual's Self-Exclusion commitment by removing him or her from marketing lists and by providing information about resources available to help with problem gambling.

If you self-exclude from gaming sites, you will automatically be excluded from PlayOLG.

What happens if I go to a gaming site while I'm Self-Excluded from gaming sites?

The choice to self-exclude is serious. Gaming sites have implemented facial recognition technology. The technology helps to identify anyone enrolled in gaming Self-Exclusion who attempts to re-enter a gaming site by comparing their facial image with images from site security cameras.

Should you return and be detected, staff will assist you off-site and you may be charged with trespassing.

Can I leave Self-Exclusion?

You can only reinstate once your term is finished and you submit a formal request for reinstatement.

If you are self-excluded from gaming sites, you will need to email, mail, or fax a written request to the site.

If you are self-excluded from internet gaming, you will need to contact PlayOLG Player Support at 1-855-978-7529.

For internet gaming Self-Exclusion, you will need to complete a reinstatement tutorial prior to leaving the program.

Can I register someone else into Self-Exclusion?

No. Joining the OLG Self-Exclusion program is a personal choice. You can't force anyone to join if they don't want to.

If you're worried about someone's gambling habits, please contact the Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline through online chat , by email , or by telephone at 1-888-230-3505.

You can also read this brochure for more information.

Self-Exclusion Brochures

For more information, read the following brochures or visit

Self-Exclusion from Internet Gaming

If you have an internet gaming account with PlayOLG, you also have the option of self-excluding from PlayOLG only (you’ll still be allowed to visit land-based gaming sites).

By registering, you’re making a commitment to not logging onto OLG’s internet gaming site for the term that you’ve chosen. When you take this step, your contact information will be removed from direct marketing lists and any cash balance in your PlayOLG account will be returned to you.

Click here to login and register for self-exclusion from PlayOLG

What's the difference between gaming and internet gaming Self-Exclusion?

Internet gaming Self-Exclusion applies to all of PlayOLG’s online games, including lottery sales.

If you’re currently self-excluded from gaming sites, you’ll be ineligible to register or play for PlayOLG. However, if you register for Self-Exclusion from internet gaming, you will not be automatically self-excluded from gaming sites.

Self-Exclusion from Charitable Gaming

You also have the option of self-excluding from Charitable Gaming Centres (you’ll still be allowed to visit land-based gaming sites and PlayOLG)

By registering, you’re making a commitment to not visit any Charitable Gaming Centre in Ontario. When you take this step, your contact information will be removed from direct marketing lists. In addition, you may not play or win prizes at a Charitable Gaming Centre.

You can register by speaking to a Charitable Gaming Centre manager or calling the OLG Support Centre at 1-800-387-0098.