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Play.Smart - Knowledge you can bet on

About PlaySmart


PlaySmart is OLG’s responsible gambling program, and your go-to gambling encyclopedia, with education and support to help you boost your knowledge and make smart play choices.

From tools that allow you to easily set your budget and time limits, to tips on how to play, odds, strategies and etiquette – PlaySmart’s resources can help keep your play sessions fun. And if playing ever stops being fun, we have the resources to help.

We love answering questions about gambling – it’s what we do.

Want inside scoop on the games you love to play? 

The PlaySmart website is your gambling encyclopedia, with information you need to make smart choices and keep the fun in the game. Visit to get details on how to play games, learn about odds and strategies, and arm yourself with the facts about gambling.

At there’s something for everyone. And if the fun ends, counselling services and resources are available to help.

Our Pledge to Players

1. We Pledge to Communicate How Games Work

To be clear, straightforward and offer you the relevant facts.

2. We Pledge to Offer Knowledge You Can Use

To guide you – as a new or experienced player – with advice and tools on how to set a game plan that helps you keep gambling as a positive entertainment option.

3. We Pledge to Keep It Fun

To show that smart, healthy play habits are engaging and worth your time.

4. We Pledge to Be There When You Need Us

To listen, respond and offer assistance for getting help if gambling stops being fun.

My PlaySmart 

PlaySmart has built a set of tools that help you personalize your play. My PlaySmart Tools can help you customize time and money budgets, understand your play habits, and/or take a break when you need it. 

My PlaySmart is also available for slot machines at select Ontario casinos, to set time and money budgets. 

PlaySmart Centres

PlaySmart Centres are located at every Casino and OLG Charitable Bingo & Gaming Centre in Ontario. They’re a go-to place for education and support, and can help players to:

  • Learn how games work with How to Play brochures 

  • Play fun games and quizzes at scheduled events

  • Access digital games and videos

  • Get resources for help with problem gambling

Whether you want to boost your knowledge, get help with something serious, or just take a short break, PlaySmart Centres are available. They’re operated in partnership with the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), an organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

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