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Try this convenient new way to buy lottery tickets on and the OLG App.

Registered players can use Direct Pay to buy tickets with a credit card without having to deposit funds into their e-wallet. Accepted forms of payment include VISA, Mastercard, VISA debit, Mastercard debit and American Express.*

This option is available for all lottery purchases on and the Lottery App including  lottery subscriptions!

* Direct Pay is not available for Casino or Sports purchases. 


FAST – Purchase lottery tickets directly using your credit card. Save up to 3 cards on your account.

RESPONSIBLE – Direct Pay aligns with existing PlaySmart tools, including purchase limits, to help keep the fun in the game.

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Select Direct Pay at checkout

a screen capture of the Direct Pay button available at checkout

Select saved or new card

a screen capture of the card selection option for Direct Pay at checkout

Enter new card details

a screen capture of area to fill in new card information for Direct Pay

Enter saved card CVV Code

a screen capture of area to enter saved card CVV code

Follow the same steps when setting up a Lottery Subscription with Direct Pay. You will be required to accept our subscription payment consent.

Try your favourite lottery game using direct pay now! BUY TICKETS.


Direct Pay is a payment method that allows registered Players on and the OLG App to purchase Lottery tickets without the need to deposit funds in My Balance. We accept Debit Cards from Visa and Mastercard and Credit cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Direct Pay may help you avoid cash advance or other fees that could be charged by your financial institution when making a deposit. Do you want to create an account? Get started here

Yes, you can use Direct Pay on the OLG App for all purchases including subscriptions. Please make sure you have version 28.01 running on your smartphone to use Direct Pay Lottery subscriptions. 

Yes, you can! You can  purchase and fund a Lottery Subscription using Direct Pay when you play on (website) and on the OLG App using your desktop, smartphone or other devices.

Yes. You can pay for your subscriptions using any available method. You can also store up to 3 different credit cards on your account OR use My Balance to pay for your subscriptions.

Want to change your payment method? No problem! 

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Navigate to My Transaction History OR 'My Subscriptions' of your profile’s drop-down menu

Step 3: Select ‘View Lottery Transactions’

Step 4: Find the Subscription ID for the subscription you want to update payment method. 

Step 5: Within the ‘Subscription Details’ page, select ‘Manage Payments’

Step 6: Choose the new payment method you would like to use or add a new card

Step 7: Select ‘Update’ and consent to the new subscription payment method

Please note, by following the steps above, you do not need to make a deposit in order to change your card.

Winnings from Lottery tickets purchased using Direct Pay will be paid to My Balance and not the card used to purchase the ticket. Read more about how to claim prizes won on

For liability purposes, there are limits to how many unique number selections can be purchased for each PICK-4 draw. OLG will suspend Straight Play and Box Play PICK-4 wagering for any 4-digit number that has exceeded a total potential prize liability of $1 million for any given draw. 

For PICK-2, OLG limits the total number of a specific 2-digit number selections issued to approximately 17,000 selections. 

If a liability limit is reached before the subscription ticket is purchased, the purchase will not be completed. If you want to ensure that you get to play your number every time for games like PICK-2 and PICK-4, you may prefer to try Advance Play at an OLG Lottery Retailer. 

Learn more about liability limits in the official PICK-2 Game Conditions and the official PICK-4 Game Conditions. 

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