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1. What is Direct Pay?

Direct Pay is a new payment method that allows registered Players on to purchase Lottery tickets using their Visa or Mastercard without the need to deposit funds in My Balance. Direct Pay may help you avoid cash advance or other fees that could be charged by your financial institution when making a deposit.

2. Will my financial institution charge me any fees for using Direct Pay?

Your financial institution may apply additional fees, such as cash advance or interest to deposits you make to your online balance. By using Direct Pay to purchase Lottery tickets, you may avoid cash advance fees and the minimum deposit of $15 that is required when you deposit funds into My Balance, the OLG e-wallet. 

3. What’s the difference between My Balance and Direct Pay?

My Balance is the money that you have deposited into the e-wallet in your account. My Balance also holds your winnings from Lottery, Casino, Sports and Online Instant games.  

Direct Pay allows players to purchase Lottery tickets using their Visa or Mastercard, bypassing the deposit process. Direct Pay can be used to purchase Lottery tickets; at this time, it is not available for other offerings on like Casino or Sports products. 

4. How will I get my winnings from tickets that I purchase with Direct Pay?

Winnings from Lottery tickets purchased using Direct Pay will be paid to My Balance and not the card used to purchase the ticket.

5. Do I have to be a registered Player on to use Direct Pay?

Yes, you need to have an active account on to use Direct Pay to purchase Lottery tickets. Do you want to create an account? Get started here.

Currently there is no option for a guest check out, but we are always looking at ways to improve your OLG experience.

6. Can I use Direct Pay on the OLG App?

At this time Direct Pay is only available on when you play on your desktop, smartphone or other devices but will be made available on our iOS and Android Apps soon.

7. What kind of cards can I use for a Direct Pay purchase?

You can use the same cards that you’ve registered on your account to make Deposits to your balance to purchase Lottery tickets using Direct Pay. 

Cards that use the Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard, and Debit Mastercard networks from a Canadian financial institution can be used with Direct Pay. 

8. Can I fund a Lottery Ticket Subscription using Direct Pay?

At this time, you can’t purchase and fund a Lottery Subscription using Direct Pay, but our team is working hard to make this feature available soon!

9. Can I use my Lottery Bonus funds on a Direct Pay purchase?

If you have Lottery Bonus Funds and want to use them, please complete your purchase using the My Balance option. We’ll use your Bonus Funds first and then use your Cash Wallet to fund the remainder of the purchase. 

10. I paid for my tickets using Direct Pay. Where can I see them?

You can check the status of all your tickets regardless of the payment method you selected in the Lottery Ticket History. 

Tickets that were purchased successfully as part of the same Shopping Cart transaction using Direct Pay will be bundled together into one transaction in the All Transactions History section of as a “Direct Pay Lottery Purchase” All the tickets that were part of this transaction will have the same Order ID.

11. What’s an Order ID?

An Order ID is a unique identifier that groups together tickets purchased using Direct Pay as part of the same transaction. When you buy more than one ticket as part of an order, this ensures you’re only billed once and only for tickets that were successfully purchased. 

Clicking on the Order ID in the All Transactions History section of will show you all the tickets associated with that order and that charge. You can also see these tickets in the Lottery Ticket History.

12. My ticket purchase wasn’t successful. What do I do now?

You are only charged for tickets that are successfully purchased. Please note that funds could be reserved on your card. These funds are generally released immediately, but for some financial institutions, it could take up to 3-5 business days. You can contact your card issuer for further details. 

You can try to purchase any tickets that were unsuccessful again, but they will be billed as part of a separate transaction.

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