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How to
Claim prizes

HOw to Claim prizes


have a winning ticket?

If you think you've won a prize, make sure you have signed your ticket and follow the appropriate process outlined below.


Visit A Lottery retailer

Your best option is to take your winning ticket to an OLG Lottery retailer. Prizes less than $1,000 can be paid by cash or to your credit or debit account in store, depending on individual store’s ability to pay. It’s that easy! Find a retailer near you.
Store must pay up to $50.

prizes of $1,000 or more:

Submit your claim online

Once your claim is submitted, depending on the prize value, OLG may:

  • Mail you a prize cheque
  • Schedule an appointment for an interview

Prizes won on


Most prizes won on are paid directly to your account, so you can sit back and enjoy your winnings. 

Helpful hints to speed up your claim

  • Provide only one signature per ticket.
  • Never use "white-out" to cover information on the ticket.
  • Try not to make extra marks or notes on the ticket.
  • Do not scribble out information on the ticket.

Need support submitting your claim?

Call OLG at 1-800-387-0098 or chat online with a live representative here

NOT sure if you're a winner?

You can check your numbers online or check all the latest results for any draw game on the Check Winning Numbers page.


If you fall under one of the categories of individuals that OLG designates as Insiders you can play and win prizes, but any prize claim you submit for payment will go through additional reviews and processes. This helps us to protect the integrity of our games. Insiders are required to declare any relevant affiliation with OLG when submitting their prize claim.

View OLG's Insider and Related Party definitions and learn more about the prize claim process for Insiders.