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Where fun meets convenience

Group Play online enables  you to join forces with other players and pool your money, so you have more chances to win. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, or teammates together with Group Play where you can play together and win together! 
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In-Store Group Play - Stay organized with these printable paper tools to keep you and your team on track.

Welcome to group play online

What’s great about Group Play Online

Easy to manage

Track the members on your team, and who is playing each draw. You can track the prizes and Free Play tickets that Participating Members win. We take over the administration of the team, and you keep the fun.

Smooth prize claim

Winning tickets with Prize Shares under $1,000 are automatically divided and deposited evenly between Participating Members. For larger prizes, there is an easy claims process.



Find the group play that’s right for you

  Exclusively Online In-store
RegistrationRegistration required. See the sign up bonus. No registration required.
Collecting PaymentBuy tickets on using any payment method. Captains manage payments with members when they see them, or electronically. 
BUYING TICKETSMembers can purchase their own tickets on from anywhere in Ontario.  The Captain needs to find a retail location to buy the tickets.
PRIZE PAYOUTS Every teammate gets the same cut of any prize because they all buy the same ticket.Every Group is different.
Free Play TrackingMembers are notified online about Free Plays which are automatically added to the Group’s next ticket.Captains notify Members about Free Play wins. Tickets are redeemed based on agreed upon Group rules.
Viewing ResultsMembers check the Group Play History to see how their tickets did.Captains can check results in-store, on, or on the app scanner and shares results with the team.
Prize Distribution Under $1,000Prizes under $1,000 automatically go into Participating Members’ accounts.Captains oversee the distribution of any prizes their Group wins based on the team’s preferences.

In-store group play

Still want to keep your Group Play offline? Find all the information and tools available to keep you and your team organized and on track.




Group play terms and definitions

Group Play

A Group Play consists of Group Packs purchased by Participating Members for a specific draw date. Members can buy each Group Pack once per draw, providing equal shares to Participating Members for each Group Play.

Group Pack

The specific pack of lottery ticket(s) that each member can purchase. It can include a number of plays for a single Lottery game plus an optional number of ENCORE plays where applicable. For example, 2 LOTTO MAX + 1 ENCORE.

Group prize

The total prizes, including cash and/or free play lottery ticket(s), won from all Winning Tickets purchased as part of a Group Pack, available to Participating Members. Each Participating Member receives an equal share.

Participating member

Group Members or Captains who purchased a Ticket as part of a Group Pack. These members are entitled to equal shares of any cash Prizes and Free Play tickets resulting from that specific Group Play.

Prize Share

The prize a Participating Member is entitled to as a result of a Winning Ticket purchased as part of a given Group Play.