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Sports Lottery

Want to know how sports lottery games really work? 

You’re in the right place. 

You might know some sports lottery basics: players wager on different sports outcomes, watch the games, and brag to their friends if their predictions pay off. But how does it all work? 

Object of the Game

OLG Sports lottery products give fans a fun way to wager on sports games. Players can make simple wagers like whether the home or visiting team will win, or more specific wagers, like the number of goals in a game, or whether a favourite team will cover or beat the “spread”. 

Here’s a breakdown of OLG’s sports lottery games

Get way into the game. Try and predict how games will turn out based on the set odds for different possible outcomes. 

Watch how to play PRO•LINE

The easy way to wager on sports. Pick which team you think will win, simple as that. 

Watch how to play POOLS

The game within a game! Wager on specifics like longest pass, number of bases stolen, shots on goal and many more. 

Watch how to play PROPS 

Dial up the Excitement. Wager on whether or not teams will beat cover or beat “the spread”. 

Watch how to play POINT SPREAD  

Two ways to make your picks: the PRO•LINE App or in-store


The PRO•LINE App lets you make your picks ahead of time and scan for a ticket when you get to the store. Just open the app, choose a PRO•LINE product, follow the prompts to make and save your picks, and then show the barcode that gets generated on your phone to an OLG retailer.

Download the PRO•LINE App now


Ask your OLG retailer for a printed event list or check ahead of time on or the PROLINE app, and then make your picks on a paper selection slip. When complete, hand the slip to your retailer and then pay for your ticket.

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Cost of Play

Sports lottery games range in price, but all require a minimum purchase to play a given number of sporting events. Some give you additional wagers or options for more money.

PRO•LINEPROPS, and POINT SPREAD lets you wager anywhere from $2 to $100 per ticket

POOLS costs a minimum $5 with options for “box play” that multiply up to $80 per ticket

No matter how you play, set a budget. Take POOLS for example: playing the maximum $80 ticket once a week would cost $300 more per month than playing the minimum $5 ticket.

Sports Lottery Odds

When it comes to playing PRO•LINE or PROPS, the odds refer to the potential payout that a correctly predicted outcome will return to the player. Outcomes with high payout odds are less likely to occur but will payout more if they take place. In other words, these are riskier bets! 

Just know that even when something is unlikely, it can still happen. That’s why winning despite the odds is so exciting!

Learn more about how odds are determined for PRO•LINE and PROPS

Does Sports Knowledge Help You Win?

Your sports knowledge about the games, teams, players and statistics can help you make more informed decisions when wagering. OLG provides Matchup Stats for some events to help guide your predictions in certain games. They include team and player performance, head-to-head details, recent trends and more. Knowing how teams and players have performed in the past can give you more insights for making your picks, but ultimately you can’t be sure how players or teams will perform.  

That means that you can have fun whether you want to apply your knowledge or make picks at random. Because as every fan knows, anything can happen in sports!


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