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Manage Group Play With Ease

Get rid of payment collection

Group Play Online makes each player responsible for their own payments. Now you don't need to chase down Carl from accounting.

Say Goodbye to calculators

Winning should just be fun. Put your calculator away. With Group Play Online, winning tickets are automatically divided evenly between members so you don't need to worry.

Leave the tracking to us

Group Play Online does it all for you. It tracks who has paid, your team's prizes, and Free Play ticket results, to save you the headache. It’s all at the tip of your fingers.

How to Captain a team

You can start your own team in a couple easy steps. Make sure you're registered with Then you need to create a group and invite members to join you. Once the team is set up, you set up a Group Pack, the ticket(s) your team will buy for a draw, and then all that's left is to purchase the pack. Learn more about how it works.

Welcome to group play online



Why captain your group play team online?

Easy to manage

Track the members on your team, and who is playing each draw. You can track the prizes and Free Play tickets that participating members win. We take over the administration of the team, and you keep the fun.

Smooth prize claim

Winning tickets with Prize Shares under $1,000 are automatically divided and deposited evenly between participating members. For larger prizes, there is an easy claims process.

How to create a Group

  1. Once you're registered with, you need to create a Group. Groups are created through the Lottery tab. Come up with your Group Name and Group Size to create your Group.

  2. With an established Group, now you need teammates to join the team. Once the Group is created, a link will be provided for you to copy and share with those whom you wish to invite to join the Group.

  3. While you wait for people to join, it's time to set up a Group Pack. This lays out the game, number of plays and number of ENCORE plays members will have to purchase to participate in your Group Play.

  4. Now that you've got a team, teammates, and a Group Pack set up, all that's left to do is to purchase the pack and see if your team's numbers come up.

In-store group play

Still want to keep your Group Play offline? Find all the information and tools available to keep you and your team organized and on track.


A registered player can create a Group and invite other registered players to join. To set up a Group Play, a Group Captain must create a Group Pack from which a Group Member can purchase a ticket.

The Group Captain will select the host game, number of plays, and optional number of ENCORE for the Group Pack.

A Group Member can then purchase a ticket from a preselected Group Pack for upcoming draws to participate in that Group Play.​Group Members who have bought a ticket from a Group Pack for a draw will be entitled to an equal share of any winnings that result from that Group Play. This includes any winnings for the first draw, or Free Play tickets that result from that draw.

A Group can have more than one Group Pack.


Once you create a Group, you will be provided with a link to share with individuals that you would like to invite. This link will also be available on the “Members” tab of your Group. Individuals must either log in or sign up for a player account, then click on the link to join. Only Group Captains can view and copy the link from or the OLG App.

Group Captains should only send invitations to persons with whom they have an existing personal or family relationship. Group Captains are always responsible to comply with the requirements of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (“CASL”). For more information on CASL visit:


It’s fun to play as a Group – where you can play together and win together! More tickets purchased also means more chances to win. The Group Play platform on or the OLG App is easy to use. Group Captains do not have to collect funds on behalf of the group or coordinate the payout of any winnings.​ If your Group wins, the system automatically splits the prize equally between the Group Members that participated in the Group Play.

After logging in to your player account, a Group can be created through the Lottery tab by selecting Group Play, My Groups then Create A Group. On the OLG App select Group Play from the home screen then select Create a Group. You can then enter a Group Name and Group Size to create your Group. The person who creates the Group becomes the Group Captain of the Group. 


Group Play subscriptions work in the same way as a normal draw subscription. During a Group Pack purchase, Group Members are offered the option to subscribe for the Group Pack using either Never Miss a Draw or Multi-Draw to subscribe to a set number of draws. 


First, ensure that you Log in or Sign Up to or through the OLG App. You can then participate in Group Play by either being a Group Captain and creating a Group, or as a Group Member by joining a Group that you have been invited to by a Group Captain. You must then purchase a single ticket from a Group Pack as configured by the Group Captain.


Group play terms and definitions

Group Play

A Group Play consists of Group Packs purchased by Participating Members for a specific draw date. Members can buy each Group Pack once per draw, providing equal shares to Participating Members for each Group Play.

Group Pack

The specific pack of lottery ticket(s) that each member can purchase. It can include a number of plays for a single Lottery game plus an optional number of ENCORE plays where applicable. For example, 2 LOTTO MAX + 1 ENCORE.

Group prize

The total prizes, including cash and/or free play lottery ticket(s), won from all Winning Tickets purchased as part of a Group Pack, available to Participating Members. Each Participating Member receives an equal share.

Participating member

Group Members or Captains who purchased a Ticket as part of a Group Pack. These members are entitled to equal shares of any cash Prizes and Free Play tickets resulting from that specific Group Play.

Prize Share

The prize a Participating Member is entitled to as a result of a Winning Ticket purchased as part of a given Group Play.