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The ENCORE Lottery Game Conditions (the “Game Conditions”) apply, until amended or revised, to the ENCORE lottery game.

1 Rules

1.1 ENCORE is also governed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (the “Corporation”) Rules Respecting Lottery Games for ENCORE games purchased other than on (e.g., at retailer locations) and the Corporation’s Rules Respecting iGaming Lottery Games for ENCORE games purchased on (collectively, the “Rules”).

1.2 Words used in the ENCORE Game Conditions which are also used in the applicable Rules shall have the same meaning as those used in the applicable Rules.

2 Interpretation

2.1 In addition to terms defined elsewhere in the Game Conditions,

  • ENCORE” means an add-on lottery game that can be played with a host game;
  • ENCORE number” means the player’s 7-digit number ranging from 0000000 to 9999999, that is randomly generated and recorded in the central computer system, for the relevant draw associated with the host game; and
  • host game” means any of the lottery games operated by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation or the Corporation that the Corporation designates as a host game for ENCORE.

2.2 The game conditions for the applicable host game will be in full force and effect in respect of that host game (in addition to the Game Conditions in respect of ENCORE).

3 Game Participation

3.1 A player participates by selecting a host game to play, then adding ENCORE and paying the price for the host game and ENCORE. ENCORE may only be purchased with a host game, although a promotional ticket for ENCORE may be issued that may not include a host game selection. The ENCORE number and the word “PLAYED” will be displayed on all host game tickets, when ENCORE is played with such host game ticket.

3.2 A player may play one or more ENCORE number(s). A player cannot select his/her own ENCORE number.

3.3 Where ENCORE is PLAYED, the ENCORE number is valid only for those ENCORE draw date(s) and draw time as the host game’s draw date(s) and draw time for which the ticket is valid.

3.4 Advance Play is also available for ENCORE purchased other than on (e.g., at retailer locations).

3.5 In the case of a Repurchase Play host game ticket (if available) for a host game purchased other than on (e.g., at retailer locations), the ENCORE number(s) may be different from the previously played ticket.

3.6 When a host game does not have a MIDDAY draw, and a player participates in the ENCORE game, the ticket shall be eligible only for the EVENING draw.

4 Draw

4.1 On or about the designated date and time for the ENCORE draw, twice a day, inclusive, the Corporation shall draw at random a 7-digit number (the “winning number”), in specific order from 0000000 to 9999999 inclusive. The ENCORE draw applies to all host games. The numbers drawn in the afternoon (at approximately 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time) will be the winning number for the MIDDAY draw. The numbers drawn in the evening (at approximately 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time) will be the winning number for the EVENING draw.

5 Prize Structure

5.1 A winning ENCORE number must match the winning number drawn in the same order.

5.2 A winning ENCORE number entitles the player to one of the following prizes:

Winning Number MatchedPrizeApproximate Odds of Winning
All 7 digits$1,000,0001 in 10,000,000
Last 6 digits$100,0001 in 1,111,111
Last 5 digits$1,0001 in 111,111
Last 4 digits$1001 in 11,223
Last 3 digits$101 in 1,122
Last 2 digits$51 in 112
Last digit$21 in 11.22
First 6 digits$10,0001 in 1,111,111
First 5 digits$5001 in 123,457
First 4 digits$501 in 12,346
First 3 digits$101 in 1,235
First 2 digits$51 in 123.46
First 5 digits and Last digit$5021 in 1,111,111
First 4 digits and Last 2 digits$551 in 1,111,111
First 4 digits and Last digit$521 in 123,457
First 3 digits and Last 3 digits$201 in 1,111,111
First 3 digits and Last 2 digits$151 in 123,457
First 3 digits and Last digit$121 in 12,346
First 2 digits and Last 4 digits$1051 in 1,111,111
First 2 digits and Last 3 digits$151 in 123,457
First 2 digits and Last 2 digits$101 in 12,346
First 2 digits and Last digit$71 in 1,235
 Any Prize1 in 9.17

6 Miscellaneous

6.1 The Corporation may amend the Game Conditions at any time and in any manner.

6.2 The headings in the Game Conditions are for convenience of reference only and do not affect the interpretation of the Game Conditions.

6.3 Unless otherwise specified by the Corporation, the Game Conditions are effective on July 13, 2015 and supersede previous Game Conditions for the ENCORE lottery game.



July 13, 2015