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These Game Conditions apply, until amended or revised, to the PICK-4 lottery game.

1.0 Rules

1.1 PICK-4 is governed by the Rules Respecting Lottery Games of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (the “Corporation”) which are available upon request and which include limitations of liability.

1.2 Words used in the PICK-4 Game Conditions which are used in the Rules Respecting Lottery Games shall have the same meaning as those used in the Rules Respecting Lottery Games.

2.0 Game Participation

2.1 A player may play one or more selections. For each selection the player shall select:

  1. A 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999 inclusive;
  2. Box Play or Straight Play for the 4-digit number selected.

2.2 A “Straight Play” means the selection by a player of a 4-digit number to be played in exact order from left to right, such that a Straight Play selection is eligible for a Straight Play prize if the 4-digit number the player has selected is identical to the 4-digit winning number drawn and in the same order from left to right.

2.3 A “Box Play” means the selection by a player of a 4-digit number to be played in any order, such that a Box Play selection is eligible to a Box Play prize if the four digits of the winning number are identical to the 4-digit number the player has selected, regardless of the order of the number selected and drawn.

2.4 A player may play either Straight Play or Box Play for each selection, but notwithstanding any other Game Conditions, selection of a 4-digit number using the same digit four times (e.g. 0000, 1111, 2222) is valid for a Straight Play only.

2.5 For a Box Play selection, the type of Box Play shall be determined by the 4-digit number selected by the player, and is a:

  1. “4-Way Box Play”, if the number selected is three identical digits and one unique digit (e.g. 1000, 2232, 8886);
  2. “6-Way Box Play”, if the number selected is two sets of identical digits (e.g. 0011, 3773, 5454);
  3. “12-Way Box Play”, if the number selected is two identical digits and two unique digits (e.g. 0021, 3453, 6604);
  4. “24-Way Box Play”, if the number selected is four unique digits (e.g. 1234, 5079, 9638).

2.6 Quick Pick, Advance Play, Repurchase Play and Slipless Play are also available.

3.0 The Draw

Unless otherwise announced by the Corporation, on every day from Monday to Sunday, twice a day, inclusive, the Corporation shall draw at random a 4-digit number (“winning number”), in specific order from 0000 to 9999 inclusive. The numbers drawn in the afternoon (at approximately 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time) will be the “winning number” for the MIDDAY draw. The numbers drawn in the evening (at approximately 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time) will be the “winning number” for the EVENING Draw.

4.0 Prize Structure

4.1 Prizes for this lottery game shall be determined by the selection made by the player, the play category (Straight Play or the type of Box Play, as indicated in paragraph 2.5), and the winning number. Prizes are based on the following fixed prize structure:

Play CategorySelection PlayedPrize Amount* (match winning number)Approximate Odds of Winning
Straight Playany four digits$5,000 (in the exact order)1 in 10,000
4-Way Box Playthree identical and one unique digits$1,250 (in any order)1 in 2,500
6-Way Box Playtwo sets of identical digits$800 (in any order)1 in 1,667
12-Way Box Playtwo identical and two unique digits$400 (in any order)1 in 833
24-Way Box Playfour unique digits$200 (in any order)1 in 417

* Prize amount subject to paragraph 4.2.

4.2 The Corporation limits the total amount payable for prizes (as listed in paragraph 4.1) to $2,000,000 per draw. Should the aggregate of the prizes to be won by all winning tickets for the draw exceed $2,000,000, then the prize amounts are reduced and are determined in proportion to the amount that would, except for this provision, otherwise have been won on the draw.

4.3 The Corporation suspends Straight Play and Box Play PICK-4 wagering for any 4-digit number that has exceeded a total potential prize liability of $1,000,000 for any given draw. Wagering will continue to be available for all other Box Play combinations of the suspended number, for such numbers that have not individually exceeded the $1,000,000 total liability limit for Box Play and Straight Play for that draw.

5.0 Miscellaneous

5.1 The Corporation may amend these Game Conditions at any time and in any manner.

5.2 The headings in these Game Conditions are for convenience of reference only and do not affect the interpretation of these Game Conditions.

5.3 Unless otherwise specified by the Corporation, these Game Conditions are confirmed to be effective and supersede previous Game Conditions for the PICK-4 lottery game as of June 23, 2022.



June 23, 2022