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Self-Exclusion Program

If you want to pause your gambling for at least six months, or stop for even longer, this program is here to support you.

What is Self-Exclusion?

Self-Exclusion is a voluntary program that gives anyone the opportunity to take a break from gaming. 

The decision to self-exclude is an important one.  As part of OLG’s efforts to support your choice, you will not be permitted access to gambling sites, and you will not be permitted to win prizes.

Is Self-Exclusion Right for Me?

People who register feel that it is not currently in their best interest to keep gambling. Consider self-exclusion if:

  • Gambling is stressing your finances, health or relationships
  • Stopping or taking an extended break will help you feel more in control
  • You are willing to commit to changing your gambling habits

Because Self-Exclusion is voluntary, the decision to register is entirely up to you. 

How Do I Register for Self-Exclusion?

Registering for Self-Exclusion varies depending on the type of Self-Exclusion program you choose:

Type of Self-Exclusion Applies to: How to Register
Online Gaming only *Visit Self-Exclusion under your account.
Gaming  All Ontario casinos and


Phone 1-800-387-0098 or ask a staff member on-site.


Charitable Bingo & Gaming All OLG Charitable Bingo & Gaming Centres


Phone 1-800-387-0098 or ask a staff member on-site.


All of the above All Ontario Casinos, Charitable Bingo & Gaming Centres and  Phone 1-800-387-0098
See list of Community Partners that offer Self-Exclusion registration. 

* Internet Gaming Self-Exclusion is for only and does not prevent you from visiting casinos, other internet gambling sites, or Charitable Bingo & Gaming Centres. To self-exclude from without an OLG account, register for Gaming Self-Exclusion.

Once registered, you’ll be provided with information about additional resources available to you in your community.

How Long Does Self-Exclusion Last?

You can choose the time frame that best suits you, from six months to five years.

Once registered, you’ll be self-excluded until your term is completed.

How Does OLG Support Me Through Self-Exclusion?

If self-excluded only from, you won’t be able to log in.

If self-excluded from casinos, you won’t be permitted into any Ontario casino or eligible to win prizes. You will also be excluded from

You will also be removed from OLG marketing lists and provided with information to assist you in taking charge of your gambling. 

What happens when my term is complete?

You may return to gambling or choose to extend your self-exclusion once your term is complete.

Facial Recognition  

How does Facial Recognition work? 

During registration for Gaming (Casino) Self-Exclusion, images of your face are captured, uploaded to a secure database, and used for comparison to faces captured by designated Facial Recognition cameras at casinos.  Facial recognition is a tool, used by casinos to assist in detection to support individuals in the Self-Exclusion program.

The facial recognition system uses an algorithm to determine potential matches to individuals registered in the Self-Exclusion program. A designated gaming site staff member will compare potential matches identified by the system’s casino cameras, with the images of the Self-Exclusion participant in the database. If the images are determined to be a match, the player will be searched for and escorted off the premises.

What about privacy?

Images of customers are captured and analyzed by the system when they cross designated target zones at all Ontario casinos.  However, if a face is not identified as a match by this system, the image will not be stored.

When a match is determined, the captured image is securely stored, consistent with OLG’s data retention policy and privacy principles outlined by The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

Why do we use facial recognition?

Self-Exclusion is not a policing program. It is a voluntary self-help program supported by OLG. Facial recognition technology enables OLG to support players who have made the commitment to self-exclude by creating a way to discourage them from returning to gambling sites.

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