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Types of ID


Valid government issued identification with date of birth.

The following are acceptable:

  • Provincial/Territorial/State Driver's Licence

  • Birth Certificate

  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship

  • Ontario Photo Card

  • Government-issued Employee Identification Card (must include photograph and date of birth).

  • Passport - Canadian or other country

  • Old Age Security (OAS) Identification Card

  • Certificate of Indian Status

  • Firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)

  • Permanent Resident Card Canada

  • Permanent Resident Card US

  • U.S. State ID

  • Military ID

  • Nexus Card 

Wins less than $10,000 require one piece of valid ID from the above list.

Wins $10,000 and over require two pieces of valid ID, one of which must include a photo of the claimant and date of birth. The second piece of ID may include any from the above list or:

  • Major credit card

  • Bank card (pre-printed with your name)

  • BYID (age of majority card)

Please Note: An Ontario Health Card may not be an acceptable form of identification at all locations offering on-site prize claim services. If you have questions about whether or not your chosen form of identification will be accepted, please contact the site in advance of making your claim.

If you choose to provide an Ontario Health Card for identification purposes, do not submit a copy of an Ontario Health Card without completely blacking/blocking out the health number prior to copying and sending to the OLG. Where photocopies of government issued identification (i.e. Driver's Licence) are submitted for identification purposes, this information will be securely destroyed after verification of your identification has been completed.

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