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My Play Customizer

Stay on top of your game with personal time and money budgets.


Planning your spending ahead of time puts you in control of your game. You can customize your spending in 4 ways:

  1.  7-Day Deposit Limit – set the amount of money you can deposit to your account over a 7-day period. This is a mandatory limit.
  2.  Casino Loss Limit – set the amount of money you’re willing to spend on casino games daily, weekly or monthly.
  3.  Lottery Purchase Limit –set the amount of money you plan to spend on lottery products daily, weekly or monthly.
  4.  Sports Spend Limit – set the amount of money you plan to spend on sports betting daily, weekly or monthly. 


Time flies when you’re having fun. Setting a Playing Time Reminder lets you set how long you want to spend playing a casino game, and provides in-game reminders when you’ve met your self-determined playing time. If you reach your reminder time while playing, the game will pause and give you the choice to stop or continue playing.

Your Time Reminder keeps counting down after you’ve exited a game, and you typically won’t receive a notification while you are outside of a casino game.

Read the Playing Time Reminder FAQ to learn more. 


If you want to decrease any of your budgets, the change will take effect immediately.

If you want to increase any of your budgets, the change will be delayed by 24 hours for a Playing Time Reminder or, 7 days for money budgets. This gives you a chance to consider if it’s the right choice for you.


Stay on top of your game by checking the My Play History section of your My PlaySmart Tools. That’s where you can find your Play History based on past play behaviour and learn about your play patterns.

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