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OLG Arcade is Now Open!

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Are you ready for some fun? You’ve come to the right place. OLG has been Ontario’s premier place to play since 1975 and has been giving Ontarians great Online Casino Games since 2015. With our history, you know we’re delivering an unmatched experience for both first time and longtime players! Enjoy favourites like RouletteBaccarat and Online Blackjack, and so many exciting online slot games - all in one place. No matter where you are in Ontario, if you’re looking for gaming excitement and fun, OLG’s Online Casino is the place to play. So, find a comfy spot and settle in for fun with the most trusted and secure provider for online gaming in Ontario.  


We offer several of the most popular casino games. Table games like blackjack or baccarat, slots, video poker, jackpot, and Instant games can all be played in our online casino.

There are many online casino games available that will appeal to your interests. Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker games are the most popular with players.

Slots – Spin for a chance to win! Find your fortune and hit thrilling Wilds or Bonus Spins with all your favourite slot games available online.

Blackjack – Play one of the world’s most famous table games online! Get your cards as close as possible to 21 or have a higher hand than the dealer to win!

Baccarat – An online table game played between the Banker and the Player, bet on which hand is the nearest to 9. You can even place side bets like Perfect Pair, making this table game more exciting!

Poker – Enjoy this popular table game online in which players bets over which hand is best. Choose from draw games, stud games, community card games, or other unique poker games and play for a chance to get your cards right!

Explore more of our top online casino games here.

Several of our online casino games provide a demo version that you can try for free. Choose the game you want to play and select the ‘PLAY DEMO’ option.

Log into your account and click on any of the Online Casino game tiles to launch your game.

Tips to consider when playing:

  1. To maximize enjoyment, it’s best to fully understand the game you’re playing.
  2. Read up on the rules of the game so you’re prepared for several situations while playing.
  3. Get to know the betting action and the odds.

Go to ‘My Balance’ and select ‘Deposit Funds’ to add more funds to your account. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a deposit.

When you re-enter the game, your balance will update with the newly deposited funds. If you are ever forced to leave the game or choose to leave the game with an unfinished hand, you will be prompted to complete this hand prior to continuing play on that game.

Definitely! You can play any of our online casino games using either funds from your Cash Balance or your Casino Bonus Balance with an account.

For an optimal player experience and site performance on any device, we recommend using:

  • The following browsers:

    • Google Chrome and Chrome mobile (latest version)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
    • Safari and Safari mobile (latest version)
    • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • The following operating systems:

We recommend that you always keep your web browsers and operating systems up to date.

Some online casinos are regulated by one of three ways:

  • By their government or jurisdiction
  • By a security testing company
  • By a software testing agency

Within, yes. You can feel at ease that all our lottery and online casino games are safe to play on your preferred device. offers several games that include coin visuals that are collected into a pot during the game play including 5 Treasures and Marvelous Mouse Coin Combo.

These features are a visual effect and for entertainment purposes. They are not an accumulation, and in these games, the Jackpot may be triggered at any time. If your game is disconnected while you are playing, this does not have an impact on your odds of triggering the Jackpot, and the results of your round can be reviewed in your Game History.