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Get a chance to win when you join an promotion! Let’s get started. We’ll take you through the different promotion status types you may encounter while participating! 

Promotions are limited time offers based on your playing history and customized exclusively for you! 


Sign up to our marketing emails to be the first to know when a new promotion is available to you. Update your marketing email preferences in My Account or explore all eligible promotions you can join by visiting the Promotions Lobby.  

View all the available promotions in your Promotions Lobby.  

If the promotion is still in progress, you can see it in the ‘Your Active Promotions’ section in the Promotions Lobby.

If the promotion is complete, you will be able to see it in your Promotions History section. 

All the promotions you participate in will be seen in your Promotions History. Here are the different statuses in a promotion: 



means that you cancelled the promotion or have asked Player Support to cancel the promotion on your behalf 



means that you successfully received Bonus Funds with no Wager Requirement (WR) 



means that you received Bonus Funds with a Wager Requirement (e.g. 10xWR) but failed to meet the WR within the wagering period (e.g. 7 days) 



means that you have received your Bonus Funds and have completed the WR within the wagering period, successfully converting your Bonus Funds into your Cash Balance 


Merge Completed 

means that you have successfully merged your existing and new promotions 


Not Qualified 

means that you joined a promotion but are not eligible to receive the Bonus Funds. This status only applies to cashback/cash bonus promotion types. 



either means that: 

• You made a withdrawal when there was an existing Casino Bonus Balance with a WR

• You used up the Bonus Funds you received to fulfill a WR and there are no more Bonus Funds left to be converted 

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